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Photo Gallery

Having FUN at the Youth Car Wash – June 2019

Youth Car Wash! – June 2019

Armand Anthony Matthewson Graduates from from J.A.M. (Junior Anger Management)

Sis. Parker (Left), Sis. Nancy (Center), Sis. Forrest (Right) Completed Exploring God’s Word – A 12 Week Home Bible Study!

Sis. Sarah receives her Holy Ghost Certifiate! Praise Jesus!

Ladies Fellowship

Sis. Logan receives her Baptism Certificate! Praise the Name of Jesus!

Youth Car Wash – All Hands on Deck! – June 2019

Sis. Blandon shares a few words of wisdom after receiving a gift from Antioch BFM.  Mother’s Day May 13, 2018

Sis. Nancy can not contain her excitement! She won big at Antioch’s Mother’s Day program – Sunday May 13, 2018

Bro. Jaden receives his certificate for completing Exploring God’s Word home Bible study!

Bro. Joshua and Bro. Devon recieves their Holy Ghost certificate! Thank You Jesus!

Bro Bourke on the Grill at the Youth Car Wash – June 2019

Prayer Taking Place – Youth Car    Wash – June 2019

Sis. Sa’raiyah recieves her Holy Ghost certificate! Praise the Lord!

Sis Keta is so happy she received a gift on Mother’s Day! 5/13/2018

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